Calabasas Divorce

Residents of Calabasas who are facing or contemplating divorce can obtain legal counsel from Feinberg and Waller, who have long-standing legal roots within the Southern California legal community. According to California state law, divorce is now termed as 'dissolution of marriage', although there are no fundamental differences between divorce and dissolution of marriage, as both terms simply refer to the end of a marriage. It will however, become the role of the experienced and professional divorce attorney to ensure that the client's legal rights and obligations are satisfied, as well as obligations in terms of minor child support and custodial and visitation rights. Facing a divorce, irrespective of cause or nature, is daunting, and without proper legal counsel, couples in Calabasas going through a divorce will not necessarily receive the successful outcome they wish to achieve. In light of the fact that Feinberg and Waller is proficient in handling all aspects of divorce and family law, the firm is able to offer Calabasas clients with guidance and professional services relating to the complicated aspects of divorce.

Not only will the trained Calabasas divorce lawyer effectively handle the entire divorce process, but the Feinberg and Waller will provide assistance in child custody, child support and post-decree modifications. Furthermore, they are more than able to discreetly handle high-profile divorce cases. The divorce lawyer can advise you on the division of all marital property that may include stock options, real estate, retirement funds, business division as well as other assets that were acquired during the marriage. In light of the fact that California is known as a 'no fault' divorce state, misconduct on the part of either spouse seldom features within the divorce proceedings, however should the divorce be based upon abuse, this may be taken into account when determining custodial rights. In deciphering and understanding differences between California dissolution of marriage law and other states within the United States, couples in Calabasas will rely on the knowledge and expertise of expertise of their divorce lawyer to guide them through the complex and complicated process.

Recent studies have shown that as many as 60% of marriages in California, including Calabasas, end in divorce. Devoid of the services of the divorce lawyer, couples facing conflicts relating to spousal support, division of property and child support and custody are often left confused. It is thus vital that the services of a firm such as Feinberg and Waller be secured to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. In many cases, drawn out custody and visitation cases pose a huge financial and emotional drain on the entire family and it is imperative that an experienced and professional family lawyer be consulted to ensure that the minor child's rights are tended to during divorce. If you are a resident of Calabasas contemplating divorce, feel to view the Feinberg and Waller website,, which contains practical and helpful advice and information regarding the laws of dissolution of marriage within the State of California.

**The initial consultation to clients who retain Feinberg & Waller, APC. A significantly reduced flat fee is charged for the initial consultation. That fee is credited back to the client upon retention, thus resulting in no charge for the meeting. In the event the initial consultation fails to result in the retention of Feinberg & Waller, APC, the potential client nonetheless receives the consultation services at the significantly reduced fee.