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Los Angeles Divorce Firm Feinberg & Waller Successfully Obtains Child Support Court Orders Requiring Former NBA Superstar Dennis Rodman to Pay $50,000 Per Month Child Support

Los Angeles, December 9, 2009 – Marshall W. Waller, a California Certified Family Law Specialist and lead litigator for Feinberg & Waller, APC, a well-known Los Angeles law firm, agreed to help Michelle Rodman, the estranged wife of retired NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman, obtain child support orders for the couple's two children. Michelle Rodman and the children, an 8-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter, had been evicted from their home and they had their utilities turned off. Michelle Rodman's ability to provide basic necessities for her children was severely limited by Dennis Rodman's failure to provide ample support for the children. On December 7, 2009, the law offices of Feinberg & Waller, APC was successful in obtaining a court order in the Orange County Superior Court, case number 04D002751, requiring Dennis Rodman to pay Michelle $50,000.00 per month child support. The court also made a finding that Dennis Rodman was $100,000.00 in arrears on child support. Dennis Rodman refused earlier requests to voluntarily agree to a child support order without resort to court intervention. Michelle Rodman testified that Dennis Rodman allowed over $20,000 in medical bills for his children to accrue without making any contribution whatsoever to those bills, thus limiting the availability of medical care for the children. The State of California will now assist in the collection of this support and these arrears through wage assignment and other collection services.

Michelle Rodman, wife to celebrity "bad boy" Dennis Rodman and mother of two of his children had sought for some time to obtain child support from her husband, currently an absentee father. Michele Rodman was thrilled with the result of the child support hearing and grateful for the assistance of the law offices of Feinberg & Waller. Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, nicknamed "The Worm," is notorious for numerous volatile "bad boy" antics. He has authored two autobiographical books; "Bad as I Wanna Be", and " I Should be Dead by Now." He has been in several films and was a participant on several reality television series, including a stint on the show "Celebrity Apprentice " where his alcohol consumption and other issues were highlighted. Dennis Rodman has also taped an upcoming "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" show.

Attorney Marshall Waller is pleased with this result, stating that this case will send a message to all deadbeat dads who feel they can live the high life while at the same time ignore their responsibilities as parents. Children should not be denied the benefit of a stable home; they deserve stability, security and safety in their lives. "Too often we see entertainment and sports celebrities falling into trouble with their spouses and families. It is time that these high earning celebrities and sports figures stand up and take stock of their responsibilities to their families. They need to realize that there are people other than themselves, specifically their spouses and children, who need their love, attention and support. The problem of deadbeat dads leaving children in their wake is an international problem; strict enforcement of child support laws is necessary to protect the best interests of children worldwide. Dennis Rodman should be in the hall of shame not a hall of fame."

The law Firm of Feinberg & Waller, APC, practices exclusively in the area of California Family Law. The law firm's directors, Marshall and Mary Ellen Waller, are the co-authors of a free public service publication that reveals valuable rare insight into the true nature of family law written by husband and wife divorce attorneys. Marshall W. Waller is also the author of two California Family Law textbooks. The attorney team of Feinberg & Waller includes attorneys Veronika Melamed and Sandra Salinas. Feinberg &Waller's attorneys and staff take pride in the family law profession that allows them to help people, children and families. The firm's skills in untangling legal and financial intricacies help protect its clients, while they advocate assertively in the client's best interest. The firm practices a team approach to case management, strategy and discovery plans. Feinberg

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