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According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), of the 9.66 million cases in FY 2006 with child support orders being processed, 7.04 million contained medical support orders and 1.9 million were cases in which medical support was ordered and provided.

Source: National CSE Program Preliminary Data Report FY 2006 (available on the OCSE Web site at:

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The lawyers of Feinberg & Waller provide discreet, non-judgmental family law advice and representation that is based on experience and skilled preparation. Under the direction of California board-certified family law specialist Marshall Waller, our attorneys have earned recognition for our comprehensive approach to helping our clients protect their rights and interests in family law court.

Our firm serves the family law needs of clients throughout the Los Angeles metro region. We invite you to learn more about family law on this page. Contact us to schedule a consultation at our office in Calabasas or Beverly Hills.

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