Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

Feinberg & Waller has an extensive history within Los Angeles that dates back for more than four decades. Offering the services of skilled, dedicated and experienced divorce attorneys, Feinberg & Waller has extensive knowledge of family law, and as such is familiar in resolving both interstate and international custody disputes. As a resident of Los Angeles seeking the services of a divorce attorney, allow Feinberg Waller's knowledge within the realm of family law extend to you and your family during the traumatic and overwhelming time of divorce. When satisfying the terms of divorce negotiations and processes, a number of areas must be meticulously attended to, which include division of common marital property, and when there are minor children involved, areas such as sole-custody, and visitation rights. For divorcing couples that have a pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement in place, numerous other terms and conditions come into play. It is thus paramount that couples within Los Angeles seek the legal advice of divorce attorneys to ensure that all terms and conditions relating to the divorce agreement are adequately satisfied.

The associates of Feinberg Waller serve numerous clients relating to all matters pertaining to family law, and for those outside of the Los Angeles areas, a professional divorce attorney will provide legal advice to clients that are situated throughout Ventura County and Southern California. Marshal Waller, a renowned attorney and managing partner of the Law Firm of Feinberg Waller is the author of a respected family law textbook. When couples that fall under the governance of Los Angeles, they will soon discover that the State of California no longer terms the end of a marriage as divorce, but the State refers to it as 'dissolution of marriage'. As the Los Angeles divorce attorney will advise, there is no fundamental difference between the two terms, each refers to an end of a marriage, and in this vein both parties legal rights and obligations will be dealt with, in regards to property, child support and spousal support.

Irrespective of circumstances surrounding the choice to carry out dissolution of a marriage, it is a traumatic and stressful experience. There are numerous aspects that must be tended to, and since Los Angeles and the State of California Law is complex and differs from other States, a Feinberg and Waller divorce attorney will have the necessary experience, and negotiation skills to make certain that your legal rights are met. Since the Feinberg and Waller divorce attorney possesses a great deal of experience in dissolution of marriage law, he will be able to effectively deal with complicated matters such as retirement funding, business division, stock options and other assets divisions. It is important to bear in mind that California is a community property state which implies that all property that is acquired during the marriage is considered part of the martial community, and in the event of the dissolution of marriage, assets must be fairly and justly proportioned to ensure that both parties receive their legal share. Feel to view our website, www.feinbergwaller.com to gain more insight on how our professional Los Angeles divorce attorney can simplify the entire divorce process, with your best interests in mind.

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