Los Angeles Family Law Attorney

Divorce is a serious matter in any situation, whether it's an amicable split or a bitter breakup. Unfortunately, the effects of divorce can be far-reaching, taking more than just an emotional toll on the spouses involved. There are financial implications, emotional issues, and when there are children involved, some very sensitive issues of custody and child support. If you are facing a divorce, make sure you choose a Los Angeles family law attorney who will work as your advocate, and who will take your best interests to heart.

When children are involved, divorce cases can be fraught with special challenges. Naturally, what's most important is the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, parents can often struggle to agree on a single course of action that best serves their children. This can lead to custody disputes, child support disagreements and other contentious moments. An experienced Los Angeles family law attorney can help you evaluate the options and help you achieve the best results for your children. Whether you are fighting your spouse for custody or need to work out an equitable child support agreement, Feinberg & Waller can help.

Whether or not children are involved, the distribution of property can also be a difficult challenge. California divorce law is complex; even seemingly minor decisions can have a profound impact on your situation. When matters are further muddled by the emotions typically involved in divorce cases, it can be difficult for you to make the right choices without the advice and expertise of a Los Angeles family law attorney.

Choosing the right Los Angeles family law attorney to represent you in your divorce is important. You'll need to feel comfortable discussing the matters of your case with your attorney without fear of being judged or embarrassed. The attorneys at Feinberg & Waller are dedicated to providing sensitive, non-judgmental legal counsel and to advocating on your behalf, regardless of the circumstances. This helps foster an open, honest communication between you and your attorney, ensuring that your attorney can work on your behalf in the most effective way possible.

For over 40 years, Feinberg & Waller has been an active member of the Southern California legal community, and has been committed to providing the best counsel in family law matters. Marshall Waller, the firm's lead litigator, has been awarded an A-V rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the Nation's premier attorney rating system, and is a certified Family Law Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California. With over 25 years of experience in California's legal system, Mr. Waller has developed extensive insight and understanding of the intricacies of family law. Additionally, the firm limits its caseload in order to ensure that all clients receive the best service and the full attention that their case deserves.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles family law attorney that will advocate for your rights and interests, visit www.feinbergwaller.com, or call 1.800.655.4766.

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