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About Our Family Law Firm

Feinberg & Waller’s Powerful, Effective Attorneys Have Expert Judgment

Feinberg & Waller is a results-driven law firm practicing exclusively in the area of family law, including complex divorce, child custody and family law matters. Our law firm serves the greater Los Angeles area (including the San Fernando Valley) and Ventura County. We represent a variety of clients. The firm’s clientele includes business executives and high net worth individuals. Feinberg & Waller also provides legal services to a broad range of individuals.

The depth of legal and life perspective of our team of family law thought leaders allows us to “see around the corner,” harnessing our collaborative knowledge to provide thoughtful, compassionate advice on challenging family law matters. The firm achieves value for our clients by drawing on vast expertise, family law professional knowledge, the ability to provide succinct advice in a timely manner while managing the costs and conflict of families going through difficult times.

In Mr. Waller’s more than 35 years of California legal experience, he has handled a broad range of legal matters related to family law throughout Los Angeles County. These areas include business valuation issues, litigation, employment, finance and tax issues. He has taught family law, has written one of the most comprehensive family law textbooks in the state of California, and has written a guide book for other attorneys who are studying to become California Certified Family Law Specialists.

Feinberg & Waller is Committed to Staying Current on California Family Law Legal Issues

Feinberg & Waller’s attorneys regularly attend continuing education seminars in Los Angeles and other counties within the state of California to stay on top of new developments in the family law arena and those areas affecting divorce, including child support, taxation, business valuation, high-asset marital dissolution, international Hague Convention disputes and intellectual property. Our firm also has technology in place to help our attorneys stay fully up to date on new California divorce case law and strategies to handle your complex and critically important family legal issues.

Skilled Legal Advocacy

The law firm of Feinberg & Waller is known throughout Southern California for its skilled, effective, well-crafted, and refined factual legal presentations. Each attorney in our firm is articulate, business savvy, a writer and a litigator. This combination makes a formidable force of divorce attorneys. We understand the intricacies of family law. We have the talent to negotiate the results you deserve and the ability to obtain those results through legal advocacy when necessary. When families are in a crisis, we are ready to mobilize resources quickly, manage how resources are deployed, and marshal talent to act on your matter. We help to contain and resolve disruptive events in difficult situations with planned and coordinated steps.

Experience and Use of Legal Technology

Feinberg & Waller has been an active part of the Southern California legal community for more than 50 years. We can compete head to head with the nation’s best legal advocates. We stay ahead by using contemporary work force technology. Feinberg & Waller’s state-of-the art computer network, on-line legal research databases, voice over Internet protocol phone system, high-speed Internet access, voice activated transcription systems and presentation technology, all translate into efficiency and cost savings for you. Our attorneys are connected to the office through wireless networks, so they can respond to clients’ needs outside of office hours and on weekends when necessary. Feinberg & Waller also works with an extensive network of experts throughout Los Angeles and California in the fields of forensic divorce accounting, financial sector planning, fund management, investment banking, corporate law, divorce tax planning, real estate and business valuation appraisers, retirement-pension plan specialists, QDRO attorneys, psychologists and child custody evaluators.

Professionalism and Passion for Family Law

The law office of Feinberg & Waller is comprised of dedicated lawyers and staff who will treat you with courtesy and respect. Feinberg & Waller is a well-known, well respected team practicing with integrity. We take pride in being more than just a business. We are in this profession because it allows us to help people, children and families. We are passionate about the field of family law. Our entire office has a sincere concern for the welfare of our clients.

The attorneys at Feinberg & Waller are also sensitive, discreet and non-judgmental when it comes to the numerous issues surrounding a divorce. We have office procedures and policies in place to help protect client confidentiality. Where children are involved, Feinberg & Waller also pledges to view your children with the utmost importance, regardless of which parent brings the case to court, and to always practice with your children’s best interests in mind. Your divorce is more than simply a matter of dividing assets — it is a critical decision with a tremendous impact on your life, as well as those around you.

Our family law firm adheres to a professional office dress code because we believe our clients deserve to be represented by polished professionals. Regardless of whether the firm’s attorneys and staff are dealing with your spouse, opposing counsel or a judge, we know that impressions and presentation are important. The main office of Feinberg & Waller is in Calabasas, California. For your convenience, we also have offices in Beverly Hills, California. Our offices are designed in an elegant, homelike manner so you can feel more relaxed and have a comfortable meeting experience during this difficult time. Our goal is always to deliver excellent all-around service that caters to the needs of our clients.

We look forward to helping you with your family law needs. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so we can start helping you with your case.