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Complexities Of International Divorce

The Los Angeles area is a wonderfully diverse place with residents from all over the world. When it comes to divorce and child custody, however, travelling internationally becomes a much more complicated matter. If you or your ex plans to take your child abroad either temporarily or as part of an international custody agreement, there are ways to do so legally.

Unfortunately, some parents decide to take their child to another country without permission, and without any plan of returning to the United States. Such a move is illegal parental child abduction. If your child is the victim of parental abduction, you need a skilled family law attorney to help protect your rights and the rights of your child.

Contact Feinberg & Waller, APC to talk to an attorney experienced with international divorce and custody issues. We understand the law in this area and have been helping parents with international custody disputes for decades.

What Is Parental Child Abduction?

Parental child abduction happens anytime one parent takes, hides or keeps a child from another parent or guardian who has custodial or visitation rights to that child. This may happen during a custody dispute or if the parent faces the child’s removal from their custody.

Law enforcement does recognize these cases as illegal kidnapping, and if the abductor crosses state lines, the FBI will become involved. Thousands of children are even taken out of the country illegally by parents every year.

The Hague Convention Attempts To Address The Problem

Though the situation may feel hopeless, the law is on your side. Over 70 countries have entered a treaty called the Hague Convention to affirm the rights of custodial parents and resolve to cooperate with the return of children to their custodial parents.

In the U.S., the State Department works with other countries to arrange for the return of the child to their country of residence. The U.S. State Department also strongly recommends you have an attorney assisting you.

Not every country has signed the Hague Convention, however. If your child was taken to a country that is not a treaty member and does not have strong diplomatic ties to the U.S., you may face more difficulties. It is crucial for you to have an experienced attorney assisting you with the legal hurdles you may face.

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