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Seeking Justice Through A Domestic Tort

Domestic abuse and neglect inflict serious harm. Families may suffer economic, psychological, physical and other losses at the hands of someone they once trusted. In some cases, domestic violence is fatal.

At Feinberg & Waller, APC our mission is to protect our clients and their children. If a spouse, former spouse, household member, romantic partner or family member abused you or your child, we can help you file a domestic tort in California to get justice. We are determined to get fair results for you.

What Are The Damages Of A Domestic Tort?

A domestic tort is a type of lawsuit that you can file against someone who inflicted abuse or neglect. Although the legal purpose of a domestic tort is to claim compensation for the resulting damages, many families also file a domestic tort to get closure and personal justice.

Domestic violence can lead to several consequences for you and your family, such as:

  • Medical costs and lost income from injuries
  • Emotional trauma as well as past, current and future costs of therapy
  • Disfigurement, loss of limb or loss of physical function
  • Economic loss through manipulation and financial abuse

With a strong domestic tort, you may be able to secure compensation for each type of damage that you suffered plus attorneys’ fees, punitive damages and injunctive remedies.

Common Types Of Domestic Torts

Domestic tort lawsuits can be filed for a variety of reasons beyond sexual, physical and emotional abuse. In California, plaintiffs can file lawsuits to address these harmful acts:

  • Battery or assault, even if a restraining order has not been filed
  • Fraud, which includes identity theft, changing asset titles or converting property without permission
  • Herpes, HIV or STD infection
  • Invasion of privacy, which includes recording and disseminating intimate images and accessing the plaintiff’s computer, email accounts and other accounts without permission
  • Violation of custody rights, which include relocating a child without permission, abducting the child and disregarding court custody orders

If you believe that you have standing to file this type of lawsuit, contact us. Our lawyers will give you the time you need to share your account and your concerns. You can rely on us to give you an honest assessment of your case so that you know your options before you move forward.

We know that pursuing legal action can be overwhelming, which is why we will handle all aspects of this matter. Our dedicated attorneys will help you gather evidence, file paperwork and represent you in court to make sure that you have the best chance possible to win your case.

Safeguarding Your Security

Because your safety is our priority, we can also work to obtain a restraining order or another protective order if necessary. Whether you are in the process of divorce, child custody or some other legal matter, our lawyers will help you review your options.

It is natural to feel intimidated when bringing legal action against an abuser. We understand that this process may be emotionally difficult, but Feinberg & Waller, APC will remain loyal and vigilant every step of the way.

We Will Stand Up For You

If a spouse or someone else put your health or your life in danger, do not wait to hold them accountable. We take the safety and justice of our clients seriously.

Our experienced attorneys will do everything in their power to protect you and strengthen your case. Call 818-224-7900 or email our offices in Calabasas and Beverly Hills to get a confidential consultation with our domestic torts lawyers today.