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What Cost Divorce?

It has been said of divorce that it is expensive, but "worth it!" Expensive indeed. And an acrimonious divorce is significantly more expensive than most. This is a point that was driven home to one party to such a divorce in Britain when she found it necessary to hand over her £250,000 (approximately $370,000) custom diamond ring to her divorce lawyers so they could continue the fight on her behalf. It has been reported by the British online publication "Mail Online," the online version of the "Daily Mail," that Marco White, celebrity chef and star of the popular show "Hell's Kitchen," (previously hosted by a former protégée of White's, Gordon Ramsay), gave the gift to his wife of 8 years and mother of his three children, Mati White, after she gave him his two sons. Ms. White is reported to be penniless now, after having already spent nearly £1,000,000 (roughly $1,475,000) on her divorce lawyers!

Free Publication

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2009 -- If you or anyone you know is thinking about getting a divorce, stop. A must read for anyone thinking of hiring a divorce lawyer is a newly released free publication written by a husband and wife team who are both experienced attorneys and shareholders in a California divorce law firm. Feinberg & Waller, a professional corporation, is a results-oriented law firm practicing exclusively in Family Law. The firms' lawyers can compete head to head with the nation's best Family Law advocates. The law firm is known throughout Southern California for its skilled, effective, well-crafted, and refined legal presentations. The free publication, How to Hire a Divorce Attorney and Save Money Too: The Inside Scoop from Family Lawyers by Marshall and Mary Ellen Waller, is available on the Feinberg & Waller website publication's page. /Publications/.

Relocation Upon Divorce

Close Proximity to Alcohol Vendors Can Present Significant Problems for Children

When deciding where to relocate upon divorce, thoughtful and caring parents must account for much more than commuting distances and other convenience aspects in their analysis. While parents certainly factor in safety as a large concern in their relocation decision, some areas of protection are not as obvious as one might think. Close proximity to alcohol vendors presents many forms of potential danger to your children, and you should exercise great caution in choosing a neighborhood that limits easy access to such.

Life After Divorce - Getting Involved with Philanthropic Causes

If you find yourself with more free time after your divorce and are looking for something both productive and fulfilling, there are many different outlets available to you. Immersing yourself in philanthropy can be an incredibly fruitful experience with ancillary benefits. Philanthropic endeavors do not have to center around donating money. An able and helping hand is often what many non-profit organizations seek.

How To Prevent Your Spouse From Stealing Your Identity And Ruining Your Credit

For criminals who want to commit identity theft, it is relatively easy. They can steal your mail, look through your trash, pose as legitimate agencies via email or online, etc... Now, imagine if that person has immediate access to all your personal information because he or she lives in your home. Though it is an awful scenario to consider, at the Law offices of Feinberg & Waller, APC, we have found that desperate and angry wives and husbands have stooped to the level of stealing their spouse's identity. Whether it is in an attempt to ruin them financially or not, the end result of potential financial disaster is the same.

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