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Simplifying Complex Divorce

When most people think of divorce, lawyers are the only source of outside assistance that enters their mind. And it is true that family law attorneys are of paramount importance in cases of divorce.

It is a common misperception, however, that lawyers alone handle everything in a divorce case. In reality, many cases require more than just a good lawyer. For example, if a couple owns a business, it may be necessary to hire a forensic accountant to determine the business’s value and propose scenarios for selling or dividing the business after a divorce.

It is also common to retain the services of a real estate appraiser. In this volatile market, it is vital to have an accurate estimate of the family home and other properties. Only then can a couple negotiate an equitable settlement.

In addition, parties may seek help from an actuary. An actuary is useful if there are questions about either of the spouses’ insurance plans or other financial and investment vehicles. The actuary uses his or her specialized knowledge to determine the value of such plans. The actuary’s work then provides important information in the settlement process.

Another outside party that may be necessary, depending on the complexity of the divorce, is a mental health provider, such as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Such a professional can help the spouses learn to co-parent after divorce. Additionally, a mental health provider can serve as a child