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Experienced In Resolving Family Matters And Smoothing Family Transitions

When you’re going through a family legal issue, like separation, divorce, child custody, needing a child support payment increase (or reduction) or another family law matter, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. We can help.

Family law covers a variety of areas, from drafting a prenuptial agreement before you get married to resolving complex property settlements and child custody issues from divorce. There are a lot of California family law attorneys serving residents of Los Angeles. Finding the family law attorney that is right for you requires knowing what you want your outcome to be.

Comprehensive Services For Your Needs

At Feinberg & Waller, APC we offer a full range of family law services. Experience, skill and dedication to our clients are the cornerstones of our success and the success we’ve obtained for our clients.

We offer family law services to a variety of clients. Our clients include families of all social backgrounds and financial means. We serve the family law needs of clients in Los Angeles in the following family law areas:

  • Complex divorce cases and all divorce-related issues, including property division
  • Child custody cases, including local, interstate and international custody matters
  • Child support and spousal/alimony support payments or modifications
  • Actions for paternity cases or fighting for your parental rights
  • Protecting assets and the future through premarital/prenuptial agreements
  • Help for filing for legal separation and smoothing the process for your family

How Do You Pick The Right Family Law Attorney?

Many people looking for a California family law attorney do not know what they should look for when selecting a lawyer. First, you must be sure that your attorney is someone that you get along with and whose personality blends with yours. If you do not like your lawyer, it won’t matter how good he or she is. You won’t be able to get things accomplished without becoming aggravated throughout the process if you don’t get along with your lawyer. Your situation is stressful enough — you do not need a family law attorney with a bad attitude.

You also need an attorney that is knowledgeable and one who has years of experience in family law. Your family is the most important thing to you, and you don’t want to trust something that important to a lawyer that doesn’t specialize in family law or one who is inexperienced or new at practicing law.

Price is also a consideration. Let’s face it: lawyers are not inexpensive. And finding and working with a great lawyer can get expensive. Again, when you’re thinking about your family, what is your family worth to you? Can you put a price on that? When it comes to family law, this is not an area where you want to “bargain shop.”

Is One Lawyer Enough For Your Family Law Case?

The firm you hire must have the professional and technical resources you need. In addition, it may be helpful to have lawyers who work as a team. Some law firms have several names on the door, but every lawyer acts independently. The right legal team will handle your case more efficiently and quickly, and a team of attorneys working on your case will draw on each other’s skills and experience.

If you need a family law attorney for your legal issues, contact us for a consultation about your circumstances or California family law problem. We promise discreet, nonjudgmental and compassionate legal representation that is based on meeting your needs, not our own.