Putting the Child First in Custody Cases – Feinberg & Waller, APC

When it comes to families with children, Feinberg & Waller has a child-focused security pledge. We put the interest of the child first. If somebody comes in and says, "I don't ever want the other parent to see the child." I will tell them, "That's not gonna work. That's not what the policy of the state of California is, and that's not good for your child. And we're very focused to ensure that we put the best interest of children first."

Of course, there are certain situations in which it might not be best for the child to be with a particular parent; things like domestic violence, child abuse, things like that. There are essentially two components to a child custody analysis: legal custody and physical custody. The concept of legal custody has to do with who makes the big decisions regarding the health education, and welfare of the child.

The goal is for the parents to work together. And so, the goal is for the parents to have joint legal custody. Doesn't always work out that way. There are reasons why that may not be best for the child, but that's the goal.

The other component to custody is physical custody. And that literally has to do with, where is the child living? What is the timeshare between the two parents? When the court is deciding who gets custody is: What is in the best interest of the child? And that requires the analysis and the review of as much information as they can get about the child. They wanna learn about the child. They wanna learn about the parents. They wanna learn about the people in the child's life. The collaterals, the treating physicians, the teachers, they need to know what factors are impacting this child.

If you perceive that you've got a custody dispute or you have a custody issue that is not capable of being resolved with the other parent, you need to call Feinberg & Waller, and you need to schedule an initial consultation with me so that we can put together a plan of action for you; so that we can show you how we can guide you through this system; so we can show you how the best interests of your child are going to be maintained, and protected, and preserved, and represented; and so we can help you get through this process as efficiently and as effectively as possible.