Feinberg & Waller, APC is proud to consider ourselves a law firm that lawyers and other professionals turn to. For many years, we have advised and represented licensed professionals, including attorneys, doctors, celebrities and entertainment industry executives.

If you are a professional who has built a practice that is your primary source of income and investment, your future is at stake. In a community property state like California, a successful professional practice is an easy target as part of a property settlement.

Professional Practices Are Often Targets in Property Settlements

Our lead litigator, Marshall Waller, is recognized as a prominent Southern California divorce attorney and is experienced in complex family law matters. Mr. Waller is a board-certified family law specialist, certified by the Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California.

If you are a licensed professional in Los Angeles, California, we will fight to help you protect your successful practice. Contact our offices for a consultation about your pending divorce.

We Represent Professionals From Diverse Areas

We have a successful history of representing the rights of clients with significant financial assets. We have protected the property interests of professionals in all levels and complexities of divorce settlements and spousal maintenance matters. Our experience includes issues involving income, property ownership, practice valuation, succession planning, finance, and tax issues. Our firm offers you professional and technical resources to ensure that you are receiving the most aggressive and effective representation.

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