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  • They are excellent advocates for their clients.
    I have worked with the lawyers in this office on many occasions both in their Beverly Hills and Calabasas offices. I have found them to be highly competent and professional. They are excellent advocates for their clients. I recently heard that they have opened an office in Westlake. The people in the area should be pleased to have this firm in their midst.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • Very knowledgeable with the law.
    Mr. Waller was extremely helpful and took the time to answer all my questions. During these Covid times, I really wanted more than just a phone call conversation, he was very accommodating and took time on a weekend to call me via Zoom so we could discuss my concerns face to face. I would definitely recommend him. He was very professional and gave me a lot of great information and he is very knowledgeable with the law.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • Mr. Waller exceeds excellence.
    Mr. Waller exceeds excellence. I hired him for my divorce and custody needs. He has excellence in professionalism, knowledge, and promptness. He is very kind and wise. He is the very best. You get what you pay for. His staff is superb. He is simply the best! Thank you for everything, Mr. Waller.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • I could not recommend them more highly.
    Marshall and the entire staff at the firm were extremely professional and sensitive to my needs during a very lengthy divorce process. I could not recommend them more highly.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • Mrs. Salinas is the best.
    Mrs. Salinas is the best. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, easy to reach and quick to respond. She is a fighter, a hard worker and someone that you want on your team. She worked very hard for me and I am so glad I found her.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • I found Marshall and his staff sympathetic, competent, and compassionate.
    I would recommend Marshall Waller to anyone who is in need of a professional, caring, and attentive divorce attorney. Marshall was amazing and helped navigate me through a very complex divorce and custody case. He kept me informed each step of the way and was available to answer questions when needed. During such a stressful time, it was a relief to have someone of Marshall’s caliber in my corner. I found Marshall and his staff sympathetic, competent, and compassionate.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • I found Marshall to be top to bottom as courteous and ethical a person
    Four years ago, I reasoned that matters of custody, support, and property division cannot be put into the hands of an attorney who is not a perfect fit for this line of work. I found Marshall and his entire staff to be reassuring, empathetic, and patient. Marshall was even-handed rather than overly ticked off on my behalf, yet demonstrated when certain episodes required it that he would go right out to the front line, composed all the while, getting his point across in no unmistakable terms, and get everyone past whatever the battle was about. He was optimistic, confident, and always prepared. A review should also be balanced, and I would suggest that opposing attorneys meet directly to make progress more quickly. I hope weight is put on my comments by any viewers because my case took four years; so, I had plenty of time to develop a complete insight into this firm. I would not recommend going to the many discount or subpar lawyers out there. Marshall was in fact less expensive because of his phenomenal dedication and knowledge. From the time I filed, I noticed my attorney was a lot like me: treating the other side with respect, rather than employing the common good cop-bad cop strategy. I found Marshall to be top to bottom as courteous and ethical a person as I have come across in any area of law.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • He took his time to explain everything to me. I never felt as though he rushed through our meetings.
    He took his time to explain everything to me. I never felt as though he rushed through our meetings or my case and we thoroughly discussed my options. He gave me his legal opinions on my case whether they were good or bad for me – and not just what I wanted to hear. He is very knowledgeable about family law and is someone I would recommend to anyone who needs a family law attorney.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

  • Razor-sharp in court.
    Compassionate and caring, but determined and razor-sharp in court.

    - Verified Client Posted Review

We Respect Our Client Privacy

At Feinberg & Waller, APC we recognize that social media has facilitated consumers’ ability to research and conduct their own due diligence on current or prospective divorce and family law service providers. We encourage potential clients to carefully research their legal options through legitimate users of the online review process.

We understand that clients may wish to maintain their privacy, they often do not wish to publicly participate in reviews, testimonials and commentary. While we truly appreciate and value when our clients do participate in this process we also respect our clients’ rights to keep these sensitive case experiences confidential.

Feinberg & Waller, APC is fortunate to have many past clients give us positive feedback about working with our attorneys. Some of our positive testimonials appear above. We encourage you to learn more about what clients have to say about our attorneys on Avvo, Facebook, Google, and Justia. These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Consumers should note that fake online reviews are a real problem particularly in the often-volatile divorce business where sabotage is not uncommon. Consumers should be aware that disgruntled opposing parties and business competitors can post fake reviews, particularly if an online sourced review about a business allows for unverified, bogus, and anonymous reviews.

We have always been available to our clients should they have any issues with their experience at our firm. We encourage those who have issues to reach out to us privately so we may address their concerns, always with an eye towards improving our processes. The judicial system is also available to those who wish to pursue grievances in a public forum.

Our clients tend to be sophisticated consumers who understand that lawyers, unlike businesses such as restaurants, auto shops, travel and hotels are legally unable to fully respond to online reviews due to the strict confidentiality required by attorney ethical regulations.

Due to our mandated, ethical obligations to our clients, it is the policy of Feinberg & Waller, APC to not respond to online negative reviews beyond the following information:

Due to the confidential nature of the business, the firm is constrained from divulging the facts to contest postings. A lawyer’s duty to keep client confidences has few exceptions and in an abundance of caution, we do not feel at liberty to respond in a point-by-point fashion in a public review forum. Suffice it to say that we do not believe that negative posts present a fair and accurate picture of the events.

With that said, we thank the many satisfied clients who have participated in feedback, reviews and testimonials, sharing their experiences with our law firm so that others may benefit from our expertise.