Increasing Child Support Payments - Feinberg & Waller, APC

"If you're receiving child support in Los Angeles or Ventura County or frankly any county in the state of California and you have become aware that the person paying the support is now making more money or has come into more money, you may be entitled to a bigger amount of child support. The reason for this is because child support is designed to be money given to the custodial parent who is raising the children and your children are allowed to share in the benefits of the high earner's lifestyle. Now that may mean that the custodial parents also gets a benefit because the money comes into the home but that's perfectly ok, it is designed to account for that. But if you are receiving child support, you can, in fact, get an increase if the circumstances are appropriate, simply by going into court and asking. You can go into the court and ask either with an experienced child support attorney or if you can't afford an attorney, many courthouses have self-help centers available. They have people there that will help you fill out the forms, get them in front of a judge, get you a hearing date, and give you the opportunity to speak to the judge yourself and ask for the increase in child support."

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