Feinberg & Waller, APC Discuss Child Custody

"Well when you're talking about child visitation for children in Los Angeles and Ventura County, in any county in California actually, there are a variety of approaches that a lot of people use. Generally in California, it starts out as 50/50, they try to give the kids to each parent as much as they can. That is actually the goal of the legislature because obviously they are not living in an intact home anymore, so they have to make the best of what they can. The 50/50 timeshare can take many forms. You can go day one, day off, which is actually very practical usually. You can go week one and week off, which works better with older kids. And a more common plan that is used by the Ventura Courts, by the Los Angeles courts is what we call a 2-2-3 or a 2-2-5. Basically, the parents alternate the weekends so they are sharing those equally and then the midweek is also shared two days with one and then two days with the other. And then there are a variety of other arrangements for child custody and child visitation that can take the forms of a few hours here, a few hours there if you're dealing with very young children. And then of course with teenagers, it generally tends to develop into more along the lines of what do they want to do."

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