Attorney Adina H. Rosenfeld, an International Perspective to Family Law

I am Adina Rosenfeld. I am the senior associate attorney at Feinberg & Waller. I think with family law, you have to really be a peoples person. You have to like to be close to people, talk to people, have daily interactions with people as opposed to just paperwork. And I think that's what I really enjoy. I enjoy like, the personal relationships. Because of my background, I'm originally from Germany. I provide a global perspective. I speak German. I also conversationally speak some other languages. And I think it's always beneficial to get a perspective from someone who may have had a different upbringing.

We get a lot of clients that are international. We get a lot of clients from Europe and it's definitely helpful to be able to provide a more global perspective to those cases. Best part of my job is when I know I've made a difference. At the end of a hearing, when we get a favorable outcome and we know that we've really helped a family through a difficult time. I think that's the most rewarding part of the job.