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What About Grandpa

In most discussions of divorce, spouses seem to be the only players. They bicker and battle in court, and then the matter is presumably settled. But what about the rest of the family? Each spouse may have parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members who play integral roles in their children’s lives. Unfortunately, children of divorce often find themselves separated from family members of their non-custodial parent, including grandparents.

Grandparents have become a focal point for discussions about post-divorce families for good reason. Grandparents increasingly play large roles in the lives of children of divorce. Courts are beginning to recognize the important role that grandparents may play, and today, grandparents can petition for visitation rights with their grandchildren.

The court’s growing recognition of grandparents is encouraging, especially as it is shown that grandparents can help divorced parents cope with raising children. Grandparents not only serve as babysitters but share their years of wisdom with grandchildren and help them feel secure and loved. If you would like additional information on this subject consider disusing this with an experienced attorney.