Two Key Signs a Marriage May Be in Trouble

A man standing with his back to his wife and his arms crossed. The woman appears to be crying

Understanding a Relationship’s Future

No one preparing to wed the person they’ve dreamed of imagines that that same marriage may come to an end someday, but the unfortunate truth is that not every marriage is designed to last forever as one’s vows may indicate. Marriages often break down for various reasons, and often these reasons can be evident through behaviors and actions. However, there are two key signs that indicate a marriage may be headed for a pivotal decision.

Lack of Intimacy

While intimacy does refer to the physical connection between spouses, intimacy can also refer to the actual depth of the relationship between them. Intimate relationships are founded on a sense of trust and a willingness to share the most hidden parts of ourselves with another person. While that level of intimacy may be easier to maintain early on in a marriage, it can also dwindle over time.

When your relationship reaches a point where it feels like you have to ask over and over again just to learn a small truth about your spouse, it may mean there are other decisions that need to be made.

Unable to Choose Love

True love is often associated with feelings of admiration and fondness, and while those feelings are certainly important to have toward another person, those same emotions can change day after day. For this reason, many view love as a choice to make every day; this choice is one in which a person puts their spouse’s needs first and works to meet those needs regardless of how small or big.

While this choice may be harder to make some days over others, it is a choice that needs to be made. If you can no longer choose to love your spouse in this manner, it may be time to review the marriage.

Making Difficult Decisions

When it seems that your marriage is headed for a critical juncture, you may have decisions to make, and one of those options may be to end the marriage altogether. Should that choice be at the forefront of your mind, you may have questions about the divorce process or feel uneasy about how to move forward. Be sure to consult with an attorney who understands family law and, specifically, divorce law and can provide you with the best guidance to move forward with your decision confidently.
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