What Is Financial Infidelity?

Someone hiding money under their mattress

Cheating On Your Spouse Financially

Financial infidelity is a serious and often overlooked form of dishonesty in relationships. It occurs when one or both partners hide money, purchases, debt, or other financial matters from each other. Financial infidelity can be an emotionally devastating betrayal with long-term consequences for both parties. Understanding financial infidelity and how to prevent it is the first step toward protecting your relationship from this damaging behavior.

In this blog, we will discuss financial infidelity and look at common ways people practice it without their partner knowing.

Defining Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity can take many forms, including hiding purchases, lying about finances or debt, and keeping secret bank accounts. These are all examples of trying to hide financial information from a partner that can damage a relationship. Many people may not consider these actions as cheating since no physical intimacy is involved. However, the emotional effects of financial infidelity can be just as damaging, if not more so, than physical cheating.

Hiding Purchases

One of the most common forms of financial infidelity is hiding purchases from a partner. This could mean secretively buying items without discussing them with your partner or lying about how much you paid for something. Depending on the amount spent and the items purchased, this deception can quickly become a serious issue in a relationship.

Secret Bank Accounts

Another way people practice financial infidelity is by keeping secret bank accounts. This could mean having separate or hidden bank accounts that are not discussed with your partner. People may do this to keep some money away from their partner for various reasons, such as gambling or having an affair. This dishonesty can be especially damaging to a relationship since it appears the person is attempting to hide something from their partner.

In addition, keeping secret bank accounts means that your partner will not have access to money they might need in an emergency. This could put both partners in a difficult situation and lead to even more significant issues in the relationship.

Get Help From a Family Law Attorney

Financial infidelity is a serious issue that can have far-reaching consequences for both parties. If you suspect your partner may be practicing financial infidelity, it's important to talk about it openly and honestly in order to address any potential problems before they become too serious. With open communication and understanding, couples can protect their relationship from financial infidelity and create a solid and secure future together. If, however, said financial infidelity leads to other decisions about your future as a couple, then speak with an experienced family law attorney for guidance on how to proceed.
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