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Are You Using Current Events to Strengthen Your Marriage?

You may be among those in California and the world over spending a lot more time inside your home these days. If so, you may feel extra knots of tension with your spouse. Could a divorce loom on the horizon? 

To help you not only maintain your relationship but improve it, see what Business Insider’s article titled, “5 ways to use the quarantine to strengthen your relationship, according to a relationship and intimacy expert,” says on the matter. Tend to the health of your marriage while protecting your physical health. 

Focus on gratitude  

Rather than lament losses, concentrate on what you do have in this specific chapter of your life. For instance, while you may not work right now, you may still have an open position when things get back to normal. Try to see the bright side of the situation, as that spirit of gratitude can help deal with feelings of frustration that can curdle your marriage. 

Share your concerns 

Understandably, both you and your spouse likely feel a variety of emotions. Sit down to discuss those feelings in-depth, making space to feel vulnerable and deepen your connection with your spouse. This is a good opportunity to air fears and anxieties, both of which can negatively impact your interactions with your spouse. Without voicing the true source of such negative interactions, you risk throwing your spouse for a loop at a sudden shift in behavior or mood. 

Take some personal time  

You and your significant other may be stuck in the house together, but that does not mean that you cannot engage in some personal time. Schedule some time by yourself in a designated part of the house where you can unwind and have a mental and emotional check-in with yourself. 

Do not let current circumstances ruin your marriage. Instead, let it bring you and your spouse closer together.