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Divorce Rates and How They Have Changed Over the Years

Most people in California and other parts of the country enter into a marital union with the intent of spending the rest of their lives with their partners. And when things work out as intended, a life together is what is gained by the couple. However, marriage is like many things in life in that things do not always go as planned.

A recent study that examined marriage and divorce rates in Minnesota using 2018 census data helps to provide a bit of clarity to the situation. The study divided the members of each age category into groups that included people who have never married, individuals with their first marriage still intact, widowed individuals, and people who are currently separated or divorced from their first spouse. The last group includes people who have remarried.

The study revealed that nine percent of the people observed had been married and divorced by the time they were 30 years old. By age 62, the percentage of participants that were separated, divorced, or had been married multiple times was just over 41 percent. On the bright side, 42.3 percent of 62-year-olds still enjoyed their first marriage.

Other interesting information taken from the study includes the fact that more couples in their 20s divorced in both 1960 and 1980 than in 2018. Conversely, the study showed participants 40 years or older were more likely to have ended their first marriage than in previous decades.

There are times when marriage will not work despite the best intentions of both people involved. When this happens, it is best for both parties that the union end in a manner that makes it as simple as possible to continue forward with their lives. Individuals with questions regarding the steps they should take to dissolve a marriage may benefit from speaking with an attorney.