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How to Agree Outside of a Court Hearing

Multiple Disagreements

As a divorcing couple, your relationship may have involved many disagreements about several important aspects of your marriage. However, there may have been moments where you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse came to some type of agreement that led to a positive outcome. Though in the near future you’ll be apart from each other, that type of agreement is still possible during a divorce.

Your issues do not have to be publicized in a courtroom in front of a judge that does not know or understand your relationship. It is possible to come to an agreement without having to have a judge make a determination in court.

Collaboration in Divorce

One way to come to an agreement outside of court is by engaging in what is known as a collaborative divorce. In this type of divorce, you and your spouse meet with your respective attorneys to discuss key issues surrounding the divorce in an attempt to come to a settlement agreement without requiring additional court hearings.

Utilizing your attorney is key during this type of divorce. Your attorney can communicate on your behalf and defend your rights throughout the negotiations. Your attorney can also advise and assist you throughout the necessary legal matters associated with divorcing.

Tips for Successful Collaboration

Collaboration during a divorce requires several traits in order to be successful:

  • Communication is key. If you do not communicate effectively, your negotiations will fail pretty quickly.

  • Honesty truly is the best policy. You must be honest about what you want during negotiations.

  • Utilize your attorney. Attorneys are trained professionals and know the laws very well.

  • Consider your motivations. Are you wanting the best possible outcome for both parties involved, or are you trying to keep as much as possible for yourself?

  • Be prepared to compromise. Without compromise, there will be no agreement.

Remember your motivation to stay out of court. Coming to terms before having to step foot in front of a judge saves you time and from a potentially unfair settlement.

The Power of a Good Attorney

Your attorney can make a world of difference during a settlement negotiation. Knowing you have great representation at your side can empower you during negotiation sessions and can help you achieve your goals.

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