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Life After Divorce – Getting Involved with Philanthropic Causes

If you find yourself with more free time after your divorce and are looking for something both productive and fulfilling, there are many different outlets available to you. Immersing yourself in philanthropy can be an incredibly fruitful experience with ancillary benefits. Philanthropic endeavors do not have to center around donating money. An able and helping hand is often what many non-profit organizations seek.

A newly divorced person seeking a new outlet for his or her time has many different worthy cause options where they can get involved. Often churches, temples, or other spiritual centers have social help programs that are in need of extra assistance. Your enthusiastic help will be greatly appreciated and the time commitment involved is entirely up to you. Libraries and schools are understaffed and are often in desperate need of tutors, readers, and sorters. Your children may have left the nest and these schools offer you another opportunity to give positive guidance to our youth.

Combining your particular interests with social causes can be an excellent approach. Art enthusiasts can volunteer at local museums. Animal lovers might work an afternoon or two a month at the zoo. People who love to sail or fish can volunteer for clubs that offer those activities for underprivileged children that normally can not participate in those endeavors.

A creative twist can be to combine both philanthropy and social causes with exercise programs. Cancer walks, bike-a-thons and 10k runs are all wonderful outlets for helping out a worthy cause, getting a healthy workout, and meeting like-minded people -all at the same time.

These are just a few of the many ways to get involved in social causes. Whether you have been active in these causes in the past or are seeking a new outlet for your body and spirit, the community will welcome your participation. The faltering economy has put many people in a disadvantageous position and you can certainly take a stake in effecting positive change. At Feinberg & Waller, APC we have been passionate about helping children and families in need and encourage others to do the same. Many of our clients have shared with us the satisfaction that they have received from getting involved and helping out in the community after they have divorced.