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Most parents do not realize that there are different types of child custody. Physical custody is what it sounds like. The child is considered to live with one parent and the other parent has visitation rights, such as weekend visits. Sole custody is a bit different. In matters of sole custody, one parent will have the sole right to physical and/or legal custody.

At Feinberg & Waller, APC our lawyers can help you with any custody matters you may encounter.

We Can Help With Physical Custody Matters

In cases of physical custody, a child will live with one parent most of the time and visit with and stay with the other parent on specific days. The parent who does not have custody will be given a visitation schedule. Even if a parent is not granted custody of a child, he or she may still be allowed to have legal custody, or input on legal decisions made for the child, such as religious upbringing and educational choices. Our experienced Calabasas family law attorneys can help you with all physical custody issues.

We Provide Legal Guidance for Parents Seeking Sole Custody

When a parent is granted sole custody, he or she will likely have the exclusive right to physical custody of the child. This parent will also likely have the final say on any legal or major life decisions made for the child. However, a parent may be granted sole physical custody without legal custody, or legal custody without physical custody. The dedicated lawyers at the Beverly Hills law firm of Feinberg & Waller, APC can help parents who are seeking sole custody.

Sole custody battles can get very emotional. This is the only time any sort of blame will enter into a custody determination. Our lawyers will put your children first and seek a solution that is in their best interest. If a parent is suffering from mental health or addiction issues, we will encourage that parent to seek help and try to get his or her life back on track. We have the skill and experience to help you with all child custody matters.

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