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Paternity Test Lawyers in California | Feinberg & Waller Video Transcript

KRISTIE: When the private detective finally found him they put him on the phone with me and he continued to deny the whole thing, and that he barely even knew me.
MALE: Nope. Nope. Nope, never happened.
DR. PHIL: But we wanted to help again. So to help Kristie obtain the paternity test to prove who the father is, she’s clearly going to have to take him to court. So I’d like Kristie to meet Marshall W. Waller of the law firm Feinberg & Waller. Can you all say hello?
[audience clapping
DR. PHIL: Now, you understand, we got you the best of the best here and he’s agreed to help you. He cares about this kind of thing and he’s willing to get involved in this and help you find this guy and bring him to justice.
MR. WALLER: In the grand scheme of things what really happens is we request the court order that the parties undergo paternity testing. The court will order that. He’s either going to have to participate or not. If he does not participate in the paternity testing, under California law that can be used against him by the judge as evidence of his paternity.
DR. PHIL: A big thanks to Marshall Waller of the law firm Feinberg & Waller, and as I say, I’m going to put links up to both of those organizations.