Widely Experienced With Divorces Involving Professional Athletes

Divorce cases involving pro athletes and celebrities can be legally complex. Add to that the public fascination with these types of cases and privacy quickly becomes a major concern. It is important to hire a law firm that has the experience and discretion to handle these types of cases.

Feinberg & Waller, APC, has handled divorce cases for spouses of pro athletes, and for pro athletes, and other professionals of wealth. We have the skill and knowledge to handle the complex financial and property issues that arise in these types of cases.

If you are a professional athlete or celebrity, or are married to an athlete or celebrity, we can answer any divorce questions you may have. Contact our Los Angeles attorneys online or call 818-224-7900 to schedule an initial consultation.

We Will Get a Full Accounting of Assets

Most pro athletes and celebrities have various streams of income and are often paid on a temporary, seasonal or project-by-project basis. Additionally, there may be intermittent payments from sponsorships, royalties, and celebrity appearances. At Feinberg & Waller, APC, our lawyers will work with experts across all fields to ensure that all assets are accounted for.

Oftentimes, a significant amount of income is tied up in retirement funds. Our experts will look into these funds to ensure that all property is brought to light prior to any type of property division. We can also give you sound legal advice to ensure that your investments are protected during the divorce. Additionally, we will handle any child custody and child support matters that may arise in pro athlete divorce cases.

Your Solutions Start With a Consultation

Feinberg & Waller's lead litigator, Calabasas attorney Marshall Waller, is a California board-certified family law specialist and has received an AV* rating from Martindale-Hubbell. He has extensive years of legal experience in California and has handled many high-asset financial settlements throughout Los Angeles County.

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