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Uniting in Divorce: A Look at Collaboration Family Law

Divorce will change your family structure. There is no getting around this fact. There are alternatives to traditional divorce litigation in court, however. One such alternative is collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses enlist the help of skilled professionals such as attorneys, therapists, mediators, and financial experts to collaborate and work together toward a fair resolution. This progressive means of handling divorce focuses on maintaining a civil and positive atmosphere, as opposed to pitting spouses against one another as opponents. The spouses and experts meet together to reach agreements regarding all issues in the case, including property division, support, and child custody. By focusing on problem-solving and negotiating, collaborative law can be far less stressful than traditional litigation.

In the unfortunate event that the collaborative process ends without producing a solution, spouses can then move their case to court. The collaborative attorneys will remove themselves from the case, and the parties will have to hire new attorneys if they wish to be represented in court. A judge will then hear the case and rule on the issues.

Is collaborative divorce right for you? Perhaps if you and your spouse have a civil relationship and both wish to minimize the acrimony and stress that often accompany litigation. Talk to an experienced family law attorney to learn more about the many options available to you.