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I Thought I Wanted Sole Custody of Our Children, but Now That I Have Them All of the Time I’m Finding It Impossible to Manage Them and Make a Living, What Can I Do?

Many single parents find that full custody can be a full-time job. It can become stressful to the point where it may seem impossible to manage. You cannot impose involvement upon your spouse without a court order, and if you already fought for full legal custody, things can become complicated. However, it is important to ensure that your children receive the best upbringing possible, as well as maintain the quality of your life. A stable environment can be a firm foundation for your family as you navigate your new family structure together. Talk to your spouse about increased involvement in your children’s lives, explaining your concerns clearly and calmly. If they seem unresponsive to helping voluntarily, legal action may be necessary.

Sometimes financial relief can help alleviate stress from an overload of responsibility. An appropriate award of child support is a common possible solution to this problem. Extra funds can help ease the burden of balancing work and parenting, even allowing a switch to part-time work in some cases. Contact a lawyer if you need legal support.

Personal involvement can be a little more complicated. If you are hoping to switch from full custody to joint or part-time custody, ask your spouse if they are willing to share the responsibility of parenting. If your spouse has no desire to be involved in caring for your children on a full- or part-time basis then court involvement is likely the best solution. Contact attorneys to help you navigate the legal avenues to better management of parenting responsibilities. Make it clear that you are experiencing difficulty providing for your family financially and caring for the kids full time with little co-parental support at the same time. You can petition for increased child support, request financial coverage on a babysitter, or work with your lawyer to find the best legal solution for you and your family. Whatever you decide, attorneys can help present your case to the judge that you cannot be expected to handle the majority of parenting responsibilities without fair compensation from your spouse.